If you can't attend a seminar, we can come to you virtually, through an online webinar. All you need is a computer with internet and you can learn about super and retirement from the comfort of your home or office. It's a convenient way to learn and you'll even have the opportunity to ask questions.

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You're never too young to sort your super

19 January 2017  4pm - 4.30pm 



Salary sacrificing in super

31 January 2017  12pm - 12.30pm 



How much do I need for retirement?

8 February 2017  3pm - 3.30pm 



West State Super, why is it so different?

14 February 2017  9.30am - 10am 



Investment basics

28 February 2017  9am - 9.30am 



Property investment in super

10 March 2017  9am - 9.30am 



Women and super

17 March 2017  9.30am - 10am 



Getting started with GESB Super

23 March 2017  4pm - 4.30pm 



Insurance - protecting your lifestyle

28 March 2017  3pm - 3.30pm 



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