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Our new website is coming soon

While our website currently sits at, we'll be moving to soon. We've taken this opportunity to make some improvements to our site, using input from some of our members.

Our new website is easier to use

You'll soon be able to access our site from a range of devices including your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Our new design and layout will make it simpler to find the information you need. Here's a preview of what you can expect.

Information is structured in a new way

Whether you're a GESB Super, West State Super, Gold State Super or Retirement Income member, you'll find all of the information about your account grouped together to make it easier for you to use.

Our new website will meet the WA government agreed standards as it will be fully responsive (so it can be used from a range of devices) and accessible (easier to read). If you have bookmarked pages for our current site, they may not work in the new site, so you may need to update them. Once the new site has been launched, if for some reason you can't find something you need, try our search function at the top right of every page.

Not everything is changing

In fact, there are a few things that will stay just the same. Here's what is not changing:

  • The location of Member Online login - you'll still find it in the top right of the screen, now as a red button.
  • Quick links/member links - you'll still find these on our home page with links to your favourite sections.
  • Investment centre/investment and performance - you'll still be able to track investment performance and unit prices in the same way.

Learn how to make the most of our new website

To help you learn more about our new site, we'll be hosting a webinar soon after the site is launched. You can register to attend one of our 'Get to know our new website' webinars or call your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.

If you have questions about the new website once it has been launched, give us a call on 13 43 72

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