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Simple Advice over the phone

Simple Advice is an over-the-phone service where you can talk to one of our experienced consultants, who know and understand our unique schemes. Simple Advice is not financial planning advice.

Simple Advice on investment plans

Simple Advice can help you to understand what investing in super is all about. We can guide you on what investment choices you could make, taking into account how long you want to invest for, and what your overall retirement goal is. The key things we will cover are:

  • How investing in super works
  • Explain that your investment timeframe is based on your age, when you plan to retire and when you can access your super
  • Understand your thoughts on risk and return, so we can provide options for the investment plan that would suit you
  • Providing you with a 'Letter of Recommendation' based on your investment profile
  • Looking at your current investment plan, and comparing it against the plan we recommend for you
  • Taking you through the relevant sections of our online investment centre 

You don't need to know a lot about investing to benefit from Simple Advice. Our consultants can help guide you irrespective of your level of understanding. 

Simple Advice on contributing to super

For most people, relying on your employer's 9.5% Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions alone, won't be enough for you to retire on. Adding extra contributions to your super now, could help you close the gap you may face in your retirement savings. Simple Advice can help you work out the options available to you for contributing more to your super, so you are able to live the lifestyle you want when you retire. Simple Advice will cover the following topics:

  • Salary sacrificing - how it works, the benefits, the tax savings and the best approach for your own situation
  • After tax contributions - what they are, how to make them and the benefits of before vs after tax contributions
  • How much do you need when you retire? - with the assistance of our How much do I need calculator, our consultant can show you what you actually need to contribute, to meet your personal retirement goals

How much does it cost?

A fee of $3621 is charged for the Simple Advice service and can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Authorise us to deduct the fee directly from your GESB Super, West State Super or retirement income account or
  • Pay the fee by credit with MasterCard of Visa, or debit card

For more information see the GESB Super schedule of fees or the West State Super schedule of fees.

What you need to provide

To help us provide you with Simple Advice, we'll ask you for some information.

For example, to make recommendations about extra contributions, we'll need to know your gross salary, other assessable income (such as from shares or property investments), how long you want to invest for and your retirement goals. To get the most out of this service, please have access to a computer if possible, while you are on the phone with us.

Book now

To get Simple Advice now: call your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.

Before your session begins, our Member Services Centre consultants will always discuss your aim, to make sure the service is appropriate for you.

1 This fee is subject to annual indexation, which will be applied on 1 July each year.

Simple solutions for your super

Simple Advice is not for everyone, and you may be happy just browsing our website to gather your own information. You also have the option of attending one of our seminars or webinars, or meeting face-to-face with one of our Retirement Options Service consultants. Contact your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72 to find out more.

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