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If you've worked for a number of different employers, you may have a number of super accounts. There is no fee to roll those other accounts into GESB. We can help you by contacting your other super funds and arranging the transfer on your behalf.

Consolidating your super funds into your GESB account means you'll have just one account to look after, and:

  • Just one account fee - you'll have more money to invest
  • Below-median1 fees
  • Only one statement containing all relevant information about your super and what it is invested in
  • It will also help to ensure your super never becomes lost or unclaimed

How to roll in to GESB

You have two options when rolling in2 your super to GESB:

  1. Visit the 'Roll in other super' page in Member Online or
  2. Complete a Super consolidation form and return it to us

UK pension transfers

As of 1 July 2015, West State Super and GESB Super schemes are no longer listed as Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) and no longer accept UK pension transfers.

Combine your super in one place and save

It doesn't cost anything to roll in your other super to your GESB account. Login to Member Online or complete a Super consolidation form and return it to us.

Member Online

1 SuperRatings Smart database as a 31 March 2016.
2 Former WA public sector employees should consider consolidating into their active super accounts to avoid multiple fees. Before withdrawing from your GESB scheme, we recommend you read the Transferring your super page, contact us and seek independent financial advice.

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