The Australian Government's Stronger Super reform is aimed at making the Australian superannuation system more efficient and helping members to maximise their income in retirement. Part of this reform includes the introduction of MySuper. 

MySuper is a simple and cost effective super product that replaced existing 'default' products. MySuper offers members low fees, simpler features and single or life stage investment options.

This allows members, employers and market analysts to compare funds more easily, based on a few key differences.

MySuper is only offered for accumulation funds and not for defined benefit funds. You can find out more on MySuper by visiting the Commonwealth Treasury's website.

How does MySuper work?

All employers have a nominated super fund, or 'default fund', where they make Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contribution payments for employees, who have not chosen their own super fund. Our accumulation schemes are the default funds for the WA public sector.

Only MySuper compliant schemes or schemes that are classified as an exempt public sector superannuation scheme (EPSSS) are eligible to be listed as a 'default' fund and receive employer contributions.

GESB Super and West State Super are both classified as EPSSSs. Although both schemes have unique features, particularly West State Super, members can be assured that they meet the key requirements of MySuper.

The names of the default investment plans for GESB Super and West State Super changed on 1 July 2016, to recognise that GESB Super's default 'Balanced Growth' plan, now known as 'My GESB Super' plan, and West State Super's default 'Balanced' plan, now known as 'My West State Super' plan, offer the key features of a MySuper product.

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