GESB offers three types of insurance cover, with tailored coverage levels, within your super account.

What you are covered for

As part of your super account, you automatically receive the following cover when your employer contributes to your super, provided you meet eligibility criteria. For more information on eligibility refer to the insurance section in the relevant Product Information Booklet.

Insurance type
(GESB Super and West State Super)
Insurance benefit
Death cover Provides a one-off lump-sum payment in the event of your death.
Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover Provides a one-off lump-sum payment to your super account, if you become totally and permanently disabled and cannot work due to that condition.
Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI) cover Provides a monthly income of up to 75% of your pre-disability income for up to two years if you become disabled due to sickness or injury. You may also be entitled to a superannuation contribution.

Gold State Super members under the age of 60 are automatically covered for death and disability at no extra cost. For more information, read the Gold State Super insurance fact sheet.

It's important that you check your insurance cover and review your level of cover as your circumstances change over time. Find out more

The advantages of insurance within your super

There are a number of advantages of having your insurance cover within your super account. These can include:

  • No requirement for a medical or personal history (provided you meet automatic acceptance conditions)
  • Tax benefits for GESB Super, as your premiums are tax deductible to the fund and passed back to you as a rebate, while for West State Super, premiums reduce the tax payable on your final benefit, as insurance premiums are paid from pre-tax contributions and earnings
  • The ability to pay premiums directly from your super account
  • Cover for hazardous occupations such as police and prison officers

However, you should also be aware that the amount of cover our insurance provides has limits and tax may apply to benefits paid in certain circumstances.

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