Personal financial advice

Financial advice tailored to your unique needs

For many GESB members, getting Simple Advice, attending a seminar or webinar, or even a face-to-face Retirement Options Service appointment, will give you the knowledge and tools to help you successfully plan for your retirement.

However, we recognise that some members may have complex financial situations, and may require a tailored financial plan. In this case, we suggest you seek personal financial advice from a qualified and appropriately licensed financial adviser.

Who is personal financial advice suited to?

While Simple Advice and the Retirement Options Service are both useful in planning for your future, they are limited and general in nature because they don't take into account your complete financial situation.

A well-informed adviser will provide you with a comprehensive financial plan and will most likely charge you a fee for their services. They will tailor their advice around your unique situation, covering a range of topics like budgeting, investing, saving, paying off debt, tax effectiveness
and retiring.

Finding a financial adviser

GESB recommends seeking financial advice from an adviser that holds an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence or is authorised by an AFS licensee.

You can search for an adviser through a professional association, who will have a list of their members who are financial advisers in your area. Here are a few links to get you started:

Preparing to meet your adviser

It is important that your adviser understands GESB's unique super schemes, especially the complexities of defined benefit or untaxed schemes, such as Gold State Super or West State Super.

We have prepared some general questions to help you when looking for a financial adviser as well as more specific questions relevant to your own GESB scheme.

Be sure to check which GESB scheme you are in, so you can obtain a copy of the right questions. If you are unsure which GESB scheme you are in, check your Member Statement, Member Online or contact your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.

Get the most from your super

GESB provides a range of tools and services to help you make the most of your super or assist you when planning for retirement. The Learning Centre contains calculators, information on seminars and webinars, answers to super FAQs and a handy jargon buster.


Time for a quick review of your super?

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