Workplace seminar topics

GESB offers a range of regular seminars designed to help you grow your super and prepare for retirement.

Our seminar topics include:


Making sense of super

All you need to know about super to help you make sense of your financial future. This seminar will cover:

  • What is super?
  • How do investment markets impact your super?
  • Understanding investment risk versus return
  • Why does diversifying your investments matter?
  • Your investment choices with GESB

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Getting started with GESB Super

This introductory seminar is designed for new employees. It provides information on: 

  • Growing super through additional contributions including salary sacrifice, minimising the fees you pay, and consolidating your accounts
  • Understanding risk profiles and investment options
  • Managing super online

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You're never too young to sort your super

Even though your retirement may be many years away, the one thing you have on your side now is time. If you start making regular contributions to your super sooner rather than later, your money will continue to grow over time. Compounded over 20, 30 or even 40 years, these contributions could make a difference to your future retirement lifestyle.


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Investment basics

Understanding how investments work can be difficult. This seminar will provide you with information to improve your understanding of basic investment concepts, such as tax, budgeting and asset classes.

We will also discuss the importance of insurance and estate planning to protect your lifestyle.


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Property investment in super

Find out your options for investing in property in a super environment and how you are able to access exposure to the property asset class within your GESB account.

It will cover:

  • Why Property?
  • Direct vs indirect investment
  • Super fund structure
  • Our investment approach for the Property asset class 
  • Diversification
  • Next steps

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Insurance - protecting your lifestyle

Find out how you can maintain your lifestyle if you were unable to work due to illness or injury, and how to provide for those important to you if you passed away.

This seminar will explain:

  • Benefits of having insurance through your super
  • Risks of not having enough insurance
  • How much cover is appropriate
  • Benefits of automatic acceptance

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Salary sacrificing in super

This seminar will explain what salary sacrifice is, how it works with super and how you can use it to boost your balance.

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Building wealth through super

This seminar introduces super concepts to help you maximise opportunities to grow your super. It explores:

  • Investing for the long term
  • What super is and its value
  • Understanding asset classes, unit pricing, investment performance and investment choice
  • Tax advantages of super

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West State Super, why is it so different?

Learn more about the unique features of your West State Super. This seminar will cover:

  • How your untaxed scheme means 100% of your employer and personal contributions are invested, helping your super to grow
  • Maximising your account, including how to choose your investment plan and optimise your insurance
  • The untaxed plan cap of $1.415* million, which allows you to salary sacrifice more than you could if you were in a taxed scheme

* Untaxed plan cap per super fund for the 2016/2017 financial year, indexed annually for future years.

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Learning about Gold State Super

Learn more about the benefits and features of your Gold State Super scheme. This seminar will cover:

  • How your Final Benefit is calculated
  • Working part-time and how this will impact your Gold State Super
  • Calculating your final average salary
  • Understanding salary maintenance
  • How your insurance works

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Understanding super for higher income earners

High-income earners often need to do more work prior to retirement to maintain their lifestyle during retirement. This seminar will suit those earning over $100,000 per annum and will cover the following:

  • Understanding asset classes and the role they play in your investments
  • How to contribute to your super, and how this may benefit you 
  • Overview of strategies to boost your super
  • Identifying your next steps and what help is available
  • Tax treatment of super

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Women and super

Many women retire with less than half the amount of super than their male counterparts.

This seminar has been designed to help women get to know their super better, empowering them to secure their own financial future.

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Transition to Retirement

Find out how to use a Transition to Retirement strategy once you've reached preservation age. This seminar will cover:

  • Exploring the benefits of Transition to Retirement
  • Using it as a strategy to boost your retirement savings
  • How you can work part-time and maintain a full-time salary
  • How Transition to Retirement affects your final super benefit
  • Tax implications
  • Setting up a Transition to Retirement - Retirement Income Allocated Pension

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Preparing for retirement

There are many things to consider when preparing for your retirement. If you understand the options available to you, you can better plan for a more comfortable retirement.

This seminar will explain:

  • Super options in retirement
  • Allocated pensions
  • Transition to Retirement
  • Tax-effective savings
  • Fees and costs

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Are you on track for retirement?

There are many things to consider when preparing for your retirement. This seminar will explain:

  • What is retirement?
  • How much do you need to retire?
  • Investment basics - risk and return
  • What to do to stay on track

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How much do I need for retirement?

This seminar will help you answer the most common questions asked when planning for retirement. Most people want to know how much they will have, and how much they will need to live the lifestyle they want in the future. We can show you how to work out how much you will actually need, based on your own personal circumstances.

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Access your super without having to retire with a Transition to Retirement strategy.

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