GESB Super

GESB Super is a taxed, market-linked super scheme that offers below-median1 fees, sound investment returns and efficient investment costs.

There are a number of benefits of investing in GESB Super:

  • Flexibility to select the type of assets your super is invested in through your choice of investment plan
  • Automatic cover for eligible members for Death, Permanent Disablement and Salary Continuance Insurance and the ability to adjust your level of cover
  • Convenient access to your account through Member Online, or your Member Services Centre
  • Member education services including seminars and webinars
  • The option of additional help and advice through our Simple Advice or Retirement Options Service


GESB Super is:

  • Market-linked: GESB Super is an accumulation scheme linked to investment markets, similar to most other super funds. Your account balance builds up over time from contributions from you and your employer, as well as from investment earnings. You have a choice of investment plans, which determine what type of assets your money is invested in
  • A taxed scheme: this means your investment earnings and contributions are subject to tax and, depending on when you access your super benefit, tax may also be payable upon withdrawal. To find out more about tax on contributions and withdrawals, refer to our Tax and super brochure


1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016

Do you insure the most important asset you have - your income?

GESB offers three types of insurance that eligible members automatically receive. You can also tailor the level of your insurance to make sure you're covered in case you are no longer able to work. Give yourself peace of mind and make sure your insurance cover is right for your circumstances.


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