GESB member charter

GESB is a WA Government statutory authority.

Seven Directors sit on the GESB Board, overseeing the strategic direction and management of a global investment portfolio of over $23 billion as at 31 December 2016 on behalf of current and former WA public sector workers.

Under the State Superannuation Act 2000, the Board has responsibility for the management of the GES Fund and administration of GESB's schemes. It sets and monitors achievements against declared objectives and ensures that GESB complies with superannuation related legislation and policies.

Our commitment to you

GESB puts members first. The services we provide and the way in which we provide them are focused on helping you to improve your financial future.


We offer a range of super and retirement products, insurance and easy access to financial education.

You can access our products and services online or over the phone.

Member Online helps you manage your super easily and securely.

Our news and information centres, Super Matters and Retirement Matters, include articles on topics such as super, insurance and retirement.

We offer electronic Member Statements in Member Online - your secure, personal online super account. 

eStatements have the same information as a mailed statement, and offer a number of other great benefits:

  • Your eStatement is available earlier than a paper statement
  • You can download and save your statements
  • You help us keep fees low and support our effort to reduce paper usage

If you have registered for eStatements, we'll send you an email to notify you when your statement is available in Member Online. 

We may also email you about product updates and other important changes to your super account.

We also offer a range of educational seminars for members. 

Members with special needs can access information about their super in a variety of ways.


GESB's key account managers arrange regular visits with employers. They are available to provide support, easy-to-understand information and to train staff in super administration.

We also send employers regular email updates, providing the latest information on super.

Services / channels


A range of information is available on our website, such as calculators, videos and factsheets.

Many of our brochures and forms are available online too. 


We aim to answer phone calls within 30 seconds and return calls within two business days.


We aim to respond to emails within five business days.

Written enquiries

We aim to respond to written enquiries within five business days. With prior notice, we will provide super information in languages other than English.

We will also provide Braille or audio for vision impaired members.

Benefit payments - Gold State Super, West State Super, GESB Super and Retirement Income

We aim to process your request within 20 working days of receiving your form and all necessary information. However, there are circumstances where it may take us longer to process your request.

Your privacy

We respect your privacy when handling your personal information. Read our Privacy Statement


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How can you get in touch?

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