Risk explained

Risk can be defined as the potential for loss in the value of your investment, or the range of returns, from year to year.  In a longer-term context, risk can be thought of as the likelihood that the rate of return on your investments will be insufficient to provide an adequate income in retirement.
Time is an important consideration when choosing your investment plan. Your investment timeframe may impact how much risk you are willing to take. It is important not to pick the best performing investment plan, but rather the one that best suits your risk and return profile.

The appropriate level of risk for you will depend on your age, investment timeframe, how other parts of your wealth are invested, and how comfortable you are with the possibility of losing some of your investment in some years.

Illustrates how plans compare to each other from high to low risk.

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For more information on investment risk, refer to the GESB Super Product Information Booklet or the Investment choice brochure.