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Super and retirement advice to suit your needs

Whatever life stage you're at, there may be times when you need a little help with your super.

Whether you're starting out, nearing retirement, or just looking for some general advice, we have a range of services to suit your individual needs:

  • Simple Advice is a phone-based service where we can recommend an appropriate investment plan for you, or provide you with options on how to make additional contributions to your super. A fee is charged for Simple Advice that can be deducted from your GESB Super or West State Super account, or paid by credit or debit card.
  • Retirement Options Service is a face-to-face appointment where you can learn more about the choices you have when nearing retirement. Find out how to open an Allocated Pension, or commence a Transition to Retirement strategy while you continue working. A fee is charged for Retirement Options Service that can be deducted from your super or retirement income account, from your nominated cheque or savings account, or paid by credit or debit card.

Our services, however, are limited and general in nature and largely confined to assistance in relation to your GESB super interests. They don't take into account your complete personal financial objectives, situation or needs. 

If you are looking for more complex financial planning advice, we can provide you with a list of questions that may help you when choosing an external adviser.

Get the most from us

Advice is just one way that we can help you. Attend one of our retirement planning seminars based in the city or a suburb near you. Or, if you prefer, we have a range of online resources such as fact sheets, calculators and webinars to assist you from the comfort of your own home.


Find out the best way to add money to your super through GESB's Simple Advice service.

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